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tmtThe durable cords of tissue that attach muscles to bones are called tendons. The tendon allows the muscles to move your bones.  Tendinitis occurs when there is inflammation in the tendon. Tendinitis can occur in the shoulders, elbows, hips, knees or wrists. Overusing a tendon is a common cause of tendinitis. Decreasing the intensity at which the tendon is used can reduce the likelihood of developing tendinitis.


There are many activities that could cause tendinitis. For example, you can get the kind of tendinitis known as tennis elbow by improperly hitting a tennis ball. Likewise, lifting weights can cause  tendinitis in the biceps. The good news is that tendinitis typically does not always need to be treated by a doctor.

Early treatment intervention of tendonitis will help prevent the development  of further damage to the tendon. The first rule of thumb is to stop all activity  that causes the pain.

  1. Rest
  2. Get treatment – visit a massage therapist or sports injury professional
  3. Apply ice to reduce inflammation
  4. See your doctor for other treatment options


Massage Treatment

Why massage? Recent studies have found that deep friction massage may actually stimulate the collagen production in damaged tendon fibers, and this in turn, can promote a more speedy recovery.