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I just had a wonderful massage by you today. Your attitude and the way you did it made it feel like you were doing a dance around the body. It was seemingly sacred and caring. Keep up the good work. Your attitude and how you massage are unique and powerful. I left feeling very together and blessed.

John – Fort Lauderdale, Fl. June 25, 2009

After a very traumatic experience in my life I woke up with Bells Palsy, a stressed induced condition that paralyses half your face.  Doctors said it would take one month to possibly 3 months for my body to heal itself if I de-stressed my life and disengaged. After only 3 sessions with Will I had recovered 95% of the movement in my face and was rebalanced in many ways. With the help of Will, I beat the odds and I will be forever thankful!!

James – Miami, Florida

Will was so in touch with his massage and his invigorating, soothing technique, all I could think about was how relaxed I felt and connected and later how energized I felt throughout the day and into the next. What a terrific session! And what a wonderful guy!

Anthony 🙂  Fort Lauderdale, Fl.

Having traveled the world, indulged in top class massages at places like Parrot Cay and Jackson Hole, I would put Will without doubt, on par with the worlds finest.  He is a rare gem of a therapist and you are sooooo lucky to have him. His ticket to the UK is in the post!

Maxine, London, UK.

While getting a massage from Willy I forget about everything and went into a deep state of deep peace and relaxation.

Steve – Coral Gables, Florida

That was an awesome massage, for a minute I drifted off to nowhere.

David – NY, New York

Willy has a natural gentile touch which is both relaxing and connected to the cosmos, I fell so balanced.

Jim – Hollywood, Florida

I love your massages, especially before triathlons as I seem to get better time and my recovery time is allot quicker!

Tanya – South Beach, Fl.

Ahh, for once I am speechless.

Michael – Seattle, WA

Will began a massage unlike any other, and I’ve had a lot. I felt so comfortable and relaxed, I didn’t want to leave!

Mike – Pembroke Pines, Fl.

Will is among the best therapist I have found in my life. He is not only knowledgeable with regards to his craft but keenly aware of what the universe must provide thru him to make us all well. Consider him before anyone else!

Lance – Fort Lauderdale, FL

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