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My intention as a shaman and healer is to transmit healing energy to those who are looking for help with emotional, spiritual and psychic issues and let them know that I am here to help.

Chakra and energy healing is a natural, holistic healing process that can help relieve physical, emotional and spiritual suffering. Each of us is present on an emotional level, an energy level, a spiritual level and a physical level. Imbalances and energy blockages can occur in any or all of these levels and manifest as emotional, spiritual, psychic and/or physical discomfort. By finding and addressing the root causes and working together, we can begin the healing process from the energy level.

When you participate in the healing process, you may experience a greater sense of empowerment, awareness and the ability to be at peace with yourself and with what is. When we work together, we can help bring about the positive changes you seek in your life.

Energy Healing

  • Clearing and balancing each chakra
  • Removing old energy imprints and blockages
  • Strengthening and clearing the energy body and energy body boundary

Power Animal Retreval

  • Learn to connect to your own spirit animal guides
  • Find and integrate lost or disassociated parts of self


  • Expansion of consciousness and increased intuitive abilities
  • Connecting to your own inner source of wisdom
  • Soul retrieval