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Facial and Foot Treatments – restore and revive the skin. Our treatments are intended for stress relief, beauty boost and pure delight. Our personalized treatments include analyzing the skin, then cleansing, exfoliating, light steam, face and shoulder massage, capillary network toning, oxygenating and re-mineralizing, and finally hydrating and nourishing the skin.

Hair Removal – Each culture of human society has social norms relating to the presence or absence of body hair, which has changed from one time to another. Different standards can apply to males and females. People whose hair falls outside a culture’s aesthetic standards may experience real or perceived social acceptance problems.

With the increased popularity in many countries of shorter dresses and swimsuits during the 20th century and the consequential exposure of parts of the body on which body hair is commonly found, there has been an increase in the practice of removing unwanted body hair, such as on legs, underarms and elsewhere.

Hair typically grows all over the human body during and after puberty. Men tend to have more body hair than women. Both men and women tend to have hair on the head, eyebrows, eyelashes, armpits, pubic region and legs. Men also have hair on their face, abdomen, back and chest. Hair does not generally grow on the palms of the hands, the lips, certain areas of the genital structure, or the soles of the feet.